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2nd Conference on Banking Development, Stability and Sustainability
2nd Conference on Banking Development, Stability and Sustainability
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About the Conference

The second edition of the “Banking Development, Stability, and Sustainability Conference” is organized by the Chilean Superintendency of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile (SBIF), the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA), the Millennium Institute for Market Imperfections & Public Policy (MIPP) and the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIE) of the University of Chile.

This conference aims to bring together academics, practitioners, and policymakers who share interests in banking stability and sustainability. It also provides a forum for presenting new research as well as discussing current and challenging issues on financial stability and related topics.

It will take place on Friday, December 2nd, 2016 at the Faculty of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Beauchef Ave. 851, Santiago) of the University of Chile.

Conference's Chairs

Conference Program

This is the current schedule for the Conference. As it could change during the next weeks, you should check the latest version at this website.

Friday 2nd December, 2016

8:00-8:30Registration + coffee
8:30-8:40Opening: Fernando Ordóñez, Director, Department of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the University of Chile, University of Chile.
8:40-8:50Opening: Rodrigo Valdés, Minister of Finance, Chile.
8:50-9:00Welcome Remarks - Eric Parrado. Superintendent of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile.
9:00-9:10Welcome Remarks - Dr. Patricio Valenzuela, Research Associate of the Millennium Institute for Market Imperfections & Public Policy (MIPP); University of Chile.
9:10-9:40Keynote speech: Stefan Ingves, Governor of Sveriges Riksbank and Chairman of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision.
9:40-11:10Panel Discussion 1 - “Challenges for a sustainable bank industry”. Moderator: Rudy Araujo, General Secretary of ASBA. Panelists: Babak Abbaszadeh, President and Chief Executive Officer Toronto Centre - Andrés Portilla, Managing Director Regulatory Affairs, Institute of International Finance - Nancy Silva, Research Director, SBIF.
11:10-11:40Coffee break
11:40-12:40Panel Discussion 2 Financial Education and Inclusion - Includes Outcome of “Survey of Financial capabilities measurement in the Andean countries: Chile” / Encuesta de medición de capacidades financieras en los países andinos: Chile”. Eric Parrado. Superintendent of Banks and Financial Institutions of Chile - Diana Mejía, Senior Specialist, Department of Productive and Financial Development, CAF - Andrea Betancor, Executive Secretary of the Financial Inclusion Commission and the Director of Gender Affairs of the Chilean Ministry of Finance.
12:40-14:00Lunch and Keynote Speech “A Walk through the Financial History of the West” (Un Paseo por la Historia Financiera de Occidente) by - Jorge Pérez, Bank of Spain and author of “From Delfos’s Oracle to Basel’s Tower”.
14:00-15:20Papers Discussions:
Session 1
Room: B04
Session 2
Room: B06
Session 3
Room: B05
Session 4
Room: B08
Chair: Luis Opazo - ABIF
Chair: Alfredo Pistelli - SBIF
Chair: Fernando Diaz – Universidad Diego Portales
Chair: Alejandra Marinovic – Universidad Adolfo Ibañez
The Determinants of Structural Liquidity in Brazil: What to expect for the NSFR? Yure Lage Nuic, Cleysson Ribeiro Vieira, & Marcos Soares da Silva– Central Bank of Brazil. Banking System Interconnectedness and Resilience. Dietmar P.J. Leisen- University of Mainz Banking Globalization, Local Lending and Labor Market Outcomes: Micro-level Evidence from Brazil. Matias Ossandon and Felix Noth - Halle Institute for Economic Research & Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. Evaluating New Regulations on the Information Frame in the Credit Markets. Ana Maria Montoya and Carlos Noton – Universidad de Barcelona, Universidad de Chile.
Analysis of the Investment of Chilean Life Insurance Companies in AT1 Bonds issued by local Banks. Ernesto Rios & José Luis Daruch – PwC Chile & BanChile Life Insurance.Transitions in the Core-Periphery Structure of the Chilean Interbank Market. José Gabriel Carreño & Rodrigo Cifuentes – Banco Central de Chile International Banking and Cross-border effects of Regulation: Lessons from Chile. Luis Cabeza and Alejandro Jara - Banco Central de Chile. Access to Financial Services through Retail Agents and Household Expenditures: Evidence from Peru. Carlos Aparicio, Katia Huayta & Diego Bohórquez – SBS Perú.
15:20-15:40Coffee break
15:40-17:00Papers Discussions:
Session 5
Room: B04
Session 6
Room: B06
Session 7
Room: B05
Session 8
Room: B08
Chair: Kevin Cowan – InterAmerican Development Bank
Chair: Cristián Echeverría – Universidad del Desarrollo
Chair: Pablo García – Central Bank of Chile
Chair: Carlos Noton – Universidad de Chile
Market Risk Stress Tests, the Financial Crisis and Regulatory Reforms. Gregory Sutton – Bank for International Settlements. Collective Strategic Defaults: Bailouts and Repayment Incentives. Razvan Vlahu – De Nederlandsche Bank. The Effects of Interest Rate Ceiling on Credit Markets: Quasi Experimental Evidence from Chile Authors: Sergio Schmukler, José Tessada, Mario Vera – World Bank, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and SBIF. Commercial Loans, Credit Risk and Economic Cycle. Marco Nuñez & Miguel Angel Urbina – SBIF Chile.
Macro-Financial Linkages and Non-Performing Loans Projections: An Application to Ecuador. Francesco Grigoli, Mario Mansilla, and Martín Saldías. – IMF. Systemic Risk and Competition: Evidence for Europe. Consuelo Silva-Buston – Universidad de los Andes. How sensitive to fundamentals is the cost of debt? Evidence from the boom and bust of commodities. Pablo Donders, Mauricio Jara & Rodrigo Wagner– Universidad de Chile. Measuring the Covariance Risk of Consumer Debt Portfolios. Carlos Madeira - Banco Central de Chile
18:30Dinner (by invitation only)

Conference Documents

Here you can find the documents currently available for the Conference.

Finalising Basel III: Coherence, calibration and complexityStefan IngvesPDF (external link)
Presentación de la Encuesta de capacidades financieras SBIF - CAFEric Parrado H.PDF - 4,5 Mb
Superstición y Fetichismo Matemático. La domesticación de la incertidumbre. El caso del Riesgo de CréditoJorge Pérez RamírezPDF - 410 Kb


General inquiries regarding the conference should be sent to our email address. You can also visit the 2015 Conference website.

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